Awards and Acknowledgments

Berliner Silver Award


The largest international OIV wine competition in the world

Our Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 “Tonino Guerra Line” wins the BERLINER SILVER award

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Yearbook of the best Italian wines 2021

The prize with the highest score wins
“CUBERA” and “CABERNET SAUVIGNON Tonino Guerra line

Sensations: the colour changes from an intense burgundy to a soft and deeper, vivid purple. The
nose perceives the classic Bordeaux fruit / spice blend of a beautiful and powerful sweetness due to
the majestic alcohol, but without being caustically fortified. On the contrary, the aroma has a vivid
intensity of rare expressive volume. The majestic extract envelops the alcohol content, and turns the
vanilla nuances of the oak into pulp. The viscosity of the touch expresses its high concentration, the
admirable softness of the taste and the acid / round / tannic balance of its components. Finally, an
overall fragrance and softness as a result of a virtuous winemaking integrity

LUCA MARONI – Yearbook of the best Italian Wines 2021 –

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